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Start saving
from Day 1!

Optimize the heating distribution to reduce costs and CO2 footprint and get all the data you need from the space to make intelligent decisions for future upgrades!

1. Add intelligent devices to existing radiators

2. Create heating schedules and optimize for each room

3. Customize tenants control level

4. Get customized detailed Reports

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Add intelligence
to your heating system

Hardware Installation

The first step towards optimizing consumption is installing intelligent radiator Valves that not only allow easy remote control, but also gather and send information to the cloud-based system that further enables real time monitoring and adjustments.

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Once the hardware is installed and registered, you gain access to the online control module, which enables live monitoring of the heating system and tenant comfort level, as well as fine control over heating distribution and schedules for each area.

Configure & Monitor through our online platform


Extend the
functionality to suit
your needs

Using the Additional Modules

While the Control module gives you power to act, the Reports and Consumption Division modules grant you the knowledge necessary to interact well with tenants and satisfy their needs, inform third parties about building performance and make wise decisions for future building renovation investments.

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Optimizing heat & comfort has never been easier

If unmanaged, the heating in a building simply isn't efficient. Spaces might be heated too much or while unoccupied, which will lead to wasted energy and increased CO2 emissions.

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  • What type of buildings can eSave be installed in?
    eSave is compatible with old and new buildings, working based on the existing heating/cooling system. So, if you have radiators or fan-coils, eSave is for you.
  • What is the difference between eSave and a Building Management System?
    eSave is an alternative for BMS that can be used in buildings where a BMS is not present or where the existing BMS cannot control the heating in each space and cannot limit user interactions.
  • Do you need to install wires in the building to enable Save?
    NO, eSave is a fully wireless solution.
  • What is eSave’s business model?
    eSave works based on two components: eSave provides the equipment to retrofit each building based on the building typology and customer requirements. Additionally, eSave charges a monthly subscription fee for each active module.


Greening the Future by
Nurturing Our Roots

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