Lower your heating costs up to 50%


What is the  esave solution?

esave is a digital system based on smart valves and Artificial Intelligence  (AI), that allows to schedule the heating in each space. By using real-time communication, esave is able to detect and eliminate heating waste when windows or doors are left open. The solution brings extra comfort to its users by balancing the heating systems so each space is heated according to the needs of each user.


Key characteristics of esave

Shut down the heating when windows are open. 

The building manager decides the temperature in each space. The tenant can indicate the desired temperature.

By controlling each radiator, each tenant will have the desired temperature in each space regardless where the main thermostat is positioned in the building.

Reduces CO2 emissions.

Digital solution based on artificial intelligence (AI)!

esave AI  radiator thermostat

esave box

esave app






- NO batteries required, based on Artificial Intelligence .

- Detects when windows are opened & shuts down the heating .

- The user can indicate the desired temperature.

- Facilitate the communication between esave AI radiator thermostat & esave app.

- Schedule & control the temperature in each space.

- Manages the heating from a distance.

-Using Artificial Intelligence, esave learns & suggest actions to save energy.

Remote, real-time communication

esave AI heat control.

Using esave AI heat controller and real-time communication, savings can be generated while preserving comfort for the building users.


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