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Tools for a Digital Property Manager

Heating/cooling remote control for Old and New buildings

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Available modules

Scheduling and Control module is the key element of the solution.

This module enables building managers to set the parameters that control how each space is heated or cooled: this includes the default temperature the space should be heated to, the limits in user interaction that are put in place (both temperature level as the time the user request is taken into account). On top of that, the property manager can set the time the heater will not heat if a door or a window is left open.

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What type of buildings can eSave be installed in? eSave is compatible with old and new buildings, working based on the existing heating/cooling system. So, if you have radiators, fan-coils or floor heating eSave is for you.

What is the difference between eSave and a Building Managment System? eSave is an alternative for BMS that can be used in buildings where a BMS is not present or where the existing BMS cannot control the heating in each space and cannot limit user interactions.

Do you need to install wires in the building to enable Save? NO, eSave is a fully wireless solution.

What is eSave's business model? eSave works based on two components: eSave provides the equipment to retrofit each building based on the building typology and customer requirements. Additionally, eSave charges a monthly subscription for each active module.

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