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Older buildings can approach climate neutrality even without extensive renovations

Discover our innovative solutions designed to accelerate the energy transition. Our services specialize in digitizing existing heating/cooling infrastructure for maximum efficiency.

What are we doing different?

 Our unique approach focuses on:

  1. Enhancing tenant comfort first through tailored local environmental adjustments.

  2. Optimizing the existing infrastructure to boost energy production efficiency.

  3. Delivering quantifiable data that supports the transition to green energy usage, making sustainable practices accessible and actionable.

We specialize in advanced heating / cooling management software designed for retrofitting large buildings lacking existing digital infrastructure.

Known as building DATA, eSave captures essential building data and transforms it into sustainable actions and insightful information for tenants and building operators.

What do we offer?

RE Investment Funds

RE Operators

RE Auditors

Energy Service Companies

Who is it for?

Our solution is designed for a range of different real estate professionals and businesses, with access to customizable tools and comprehensive features, to empower growth, efficiency & compliance in the real estate industry.
We integrate software and hardware components to develop customized solutions tailored to each building's unique profile. Leveraging DATA through our advanced remote cloud infrastructure, we offer seamless control and adaptation for managing single or multiple buildings simultaneously, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Solutions as a Service

(Optimization based on consumption demand)


Coming Soon...

Hybrid Heating Systems

(Combining gas and electricity)

Coming Soon...

Space Heating Optimization

Energy consumption reduction

25% - 50%

How do we do it?

We deliver our services as a complete package, incorporating the essential hardware for each building. This method guarantees that our solutions are sustainable throughout their lifecycle and ensures that we provide exceptional service as long as our technology is implemented in a building.*
* eSave does not replace a major renovation of a building but can act as a valuable intermediary step to improve building performance.
Remote control platform
Overview for the operation team 
Planning and mapping
Control of each space's parameters
Overview for the operation team
Customized Reports
Tenants confort feedback

Building Overview

The Comprehensive Heating System Dashboard is an advanced feature of our SaaS platform, designed specifically for the efficient management of heating systems in large buildings. This dashboard offers a complete overview of all the heating system functionalities.

Smart Scheduling

The Smart Scheduling Dashboard is an integral feature of our heating management platform, designed to offer precise control over the heating schedules in large buildings. This intuitive dashboard allows facility managers to create and manage heating schedules tailored to the specific needs of each room and for each tenant type.

Customizable Reports

This feature empowers facility managers with comprehensive reports on energy consumption, carbon emissions, and the distribution of heating across different spaces. It also facilitates the creation of customizable reports that highlight areas of inefficiency and potential for improvement.

Always Prioritizing Tenant Comfort!

Our system offers a unique opportunity for tenants to give feedback and express their current comfort level. All this without collecting personal data!

Large Office Buildings

Office buildings vary greatly in occupancy throughout the day and week. The system's ability to adjust heating based on real-time occupancy and individual room usage can significantly reduce energy costs. By ensuring a comfortable temperature, it can also enhance employee productivity and satisfaction.

Hotels & Student Housing

In hotels and student houses, resident and guest comfort is paramount. The system allows for individual temperature control in each room or apartment. These facilities often have rooms that are unoccupied for periods, and being able to automate heating reduction in these spaces can lead to substantial energy and cost savings. 

Governmental Facilities

Government buildings are often under scrutiny for their energy consumption, and there's a growing emphasis on sustainability. This system can help demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility by optimizing energy use, thereby reducing the carbon footprint and upgrading the energy class of the entire building.

Suitable Buildings

Everyone talks about energy transition, we make it possible!

Enroll your building now to be part of the change and access the ample set of tools that we currently offer or actively develop. We are eager to talk to you and see how we can help!
Watch our company video to learn more about our commitment to excellence and hear firsthand from our satisfied clients.

In the testimonial section, Hanne van Baelen a longtime customer, shares her experience.



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