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Save Money, Energy
and the Planet!

The easiest solution to reduce the energy consumption of the radiator-based heating system in buildings, with: 

guaranteed results !

no renovation required !

high comfort level!

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We know what
you deal with

Unoccupied spaces cause energy waste

   If unmanaged, traditional heating systems typically heat spaces regardless of whether they are occupied or not, and they lack precise control over different areas, resulting in energy wastage.

Tenant discomfort 
and complaints

Ensuring tenant comfort is essential, yet it's often difficult to balance comfort with energy efficiency. Therefore, building managers might receive frequent complaints from tenants about heating issues.

No historical information
to ground your decisions

Building managers often struggle with a lack of comprehensive data regarding energy usage patterns. Without these insights, it's challenging to make informed decisions about resource allocation or system upgrades

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And we have
the solution

Easy to Install

The installation of the hardware necessary for our solution to work is a one-time, hassle free, quick job. Installation in a building with over 100 radiators takes under 5 hours!

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Easy to use

Our friendly UI gives access to an ever-growing list of features that will help you manage the heating effectively.

Significant cost reduction

The quickest way to save up to 65% yearly on your heating bills. Small investment, with a huge return on it!

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Comfortable rooms

Tenants can express their thermal comfort level and make requests for increases or decreases in temperature using only their smartphones.

Control over energy usage

You, as the building manager, can plan each room's thermal profile in as much detail as needed to optimize consumption in the building.

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Optimal solution for large buildings

Office Buildings

office building type

Office buildings vary greatly in occupancy throughout the day and week. The system's ability to adjust heating based on real-time occupancy and individual room usage can significantly reduce energy costs. By ensuring a comfortable temperature, it can also enhance employee productivity and satisfaction.

Hotels & University Residence

hotel building type

In hotels and student houses, resident and guest comfort is paramount. The system allows for individual temperature control in each room or apartment. These facilities often have rooms that are unoccupied for periods, and being able to automate heating reduction in these spaces can lead to substantial energy and cost savings. 

Governmental Facilities

government building type

Government buildings are often under scrutiny for their energy consumption, and there's a growing emphasis on sustainability. This system can help demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility by optimizing energy use, thereby reducing the carbon footprint and upgrading the energy class of the entire building.

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Our Clients & Partners

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Orange partner
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Police Client
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Our Cloud-based modular App integrates loads of functionality that will help you become an effective, informed and worry free building manager! Each building portfolio is different, therefore eSave’s proposal is always adapted to the scale of the portfolio and the requirements of the building manager.

Easy Consumption Division

The consumption division module comes in two versions and provides an alternative for building managers to divide heating cost for the energy distributed in each space.



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